The 5 Best Cordless Nail Gun in the Market (Review)

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Who can miss the functionality of a hammer at your place? Striking a nail of fixing out the things is best done by the hammers. But do you know that the hammers were devised somewhere around 3.3 million years ago? A hammer is a simple tool that has two parts. One is the weighted head that is made up of strong metal and the second part is the handle that is long with ergonomic design and is made up of wood or hardened plastic. The hammers observe a wide range of shaping, breaking, and driving applications. Hammers have evolved away long since its invention.

Best Cordless Nail Gun

The latest hammers are better known as modern hammers that have heads made up of treated steel for hardness and the haft is made up of wood or plastic. Another topper in the line is the claw hammer that does not only push a nail but has the power to pull a nail from different surfaces as well. The striking of nails is the basic function of the hammers. But how many of us have hurt our hands while using hammers? The hazards of using hammers for striking nails are well-known and it is hard to observe any modifications in the design of the hammer to prevent the same. Thus there was a need for an immediate solution to this problem.

The cordless nail guns are the next-level inventions to the traditional hammers. They have the best striking functionality that drives nails into wood or any other type of surface. They are powered by electricity. The cordless nail guns are the modifications to the corded nail guns that have limited applications. Already awed by the functions of the cordless nail guns, let us help you to buy a one.

Best Cordless Nail Gun 

We thus bring to you the best cordless nail gunsfor multipurpose use at your place. Have a look at our 5 best picks for you:

1. DEWALT Cordless Nail Gun

DEWALT Cordless Nail Gun

DEWALT is the choice of professionals when it comes to buying power tools, hand tools, outdoor tools, equipment, and other accessories. It is a 100% battery-powered tool that does not require any use of gas, hose, and compressors. It is compatible with all of the DEWALT 20V MAX batteries.

It has a micro nose that improves the line of sight and accuracy of nail placement. The 20V MAX lithium-ion battery comes from the range of the 180+ products of the 20V MAX lithium-ion family of the fastest growing system of DEWALT. It eliminates the hassles of using compressor, hose, and gas as it is a 100% battery powered cordless nail gun. The powerful brushless motor of the DEWALT cordless nail gun has maximum runtime and durable construction.

You don’t have to worry about the unwanted marks on the working surface and the dry firing of your cordless nail gun owing to the low nail lockout feature. It is efficient to brad nails from 5/8 inches to 2-1/8 inches. Thus you can use your DEWALT cordless nail gun for the casing, shoe molding, decorative molding, kitchen crowns, etc. You don’t only own a cordless nail gun but owns the power of tacking small and large jobs at your place with the smart features and cordless freedom of this DEWALT nail gun.


  • It works on battery.
  • It has multi-functional LED lights.
  • It has a tool-free selectable trigger.
  • Its dimensions are 18.72*11.11*6.36 inches.
  • The weight of the product is 6 pounds. 


  • There is no tip margin. 

2. PORTER-CABLE Cordless Nail Gun

PORTER-CABLE Cordless Nail Gun

PORTER-CABLE brings another masterpiece out of their 20V MAX Linked system products named the PORTER-CABLE cordless nailgun. It is a 100% battery operated cordless nail gun that does not require a hose, costly gas cartridges, and compressors. The specifically engineered motor of the PORTER-CABLE cordless nail gun provides consistent firing power into various materials under different climatic conditions.

It has multiple tool-free features to provide increased productivity and safety to the user. The tool-free stall release lever, the tool-free jam release, the depth adjustment window, the tool-free depth adjustment wheel, and the multifunctional LEF lights are some of the best features of the PORTER-CABLE cordless nailgun. The fastener length of the gun has a capacity of 5/8 inches to 2 inches nail handling with a magazine capacity of up to 100 nails. It has both of the sequential and triggers lock nail firing modes to suit all of your chores.

The lightweight and optimal center of gravity of the PORTER-CABLE cordless nailgun helps you in strain-free operations for a long time as well. The battery of this amazing cordless nail gun lasts longer than the Nickel Cadmium batteries and it comes with an integrated belt hook. The specialized features of the PORTER-CABLE cordless nailgun allow you to countersink nails consistently.


  • It has a better run time.
  • It has a consistent driving depth.
  • It has a specialized motor design that provides consistent power.
  • Its dimensions are 13.88*5.0*12.0 inches.
  • The weight of the product is 5.9 pounds. 


  • Its straight head design is difficult to be used in compact spaces. 

3. CRAFTSMAN Cordless Nail Gun

CRAFTSMAN Cordless Nail Gun

Going by its motto of “We Build Pride” Craftsman delivers all of the tools that aim for the start to a better finish. Craftsman cordless nail gun belongs to the V20 lithium-ion group of the company tools that are 100% powered by battery only. It can deliver 420 nails of 2 inches size per single charge cycle. It is an 18 GA Brad nail cordless nail gun with the special features of tool-free nail jam and stall release.

You can repair, build, maintain, and restore using Craftsman cordless nail gun. The motor of this powerful nail gun delivers consistent power irrespective of the climatic conditions and types of materials. It has extended runtime on a single battery. The fast shot speed allows less downtime on the job site so that you get your work done precisely and quickly.

It has single tool-free depth settings along with the other tool-free settings for making potential nail jams and fixing the stalls. It is thus easy to adjust the nail depth of your Craftsman cordless nail gun quickly and simply. It is a lightweight product with the best center of gravity for easily operating your cordless nail gun.


  • It has a fully cordless design.
  • It has consistent firing power in various climate conditions.
  • It has tool-free jam and stall settings.
  • Its dimensions are 13.37*4.49*11.49 inches.
  • The weight of the product is 7.64 pounds. 


  • Its hatch is stiff. 

4. Ryobi P320 Cordless Nail Gun

Ryobi-P320 Cordless Nail Gun

The power of the gas-powered nail guns and the convenience of using a cordless power tool are combined in the Ryobi cordless nail gun. You can do any of the chores in your home kike reinforcing joints or installing the roof tiles with your Ryobi cordless nail gun. It works on the 4 amp hour battery from the Ryobi One+ system. It can deliver 700 nails of up to 50 millimeters length in a single charge cycle. 

There is no need to search for the extra tools as you can adjust the depth of the nail with an onboard dial on the Ryobi cordless nail gun. It is easy to carry using the attached belt clip without worrying to drop it at someplace. The built-in LED lights provide comfortable working surroundings so that you can easily complete your job.

The regulation of air pressure, low-nail indicator, adjustment dials, LED lights, etc. are the specialized features of the Ryobi cordless nail gun that enables it to do almost every work at your place. It is lightweight and is a real value for your money.


  • It has a convenient adjustment dial.
  • It has a low-nail indicator.
  • It has built-in LED lighting.
  • Its dimensions are 10.0*3.0*7.0 inches.
  • The weight of the product is 6.0 pounds. 


  • The hatch for clearing jammed nails of this nail gun is stiff. 

5. VonHaus Cordless Nail Gun

VonHaus Cordless Nail Gun

VonHaus delivers the freedom to fix and fasten with its 18V lithium-ion nailer/stapler. It is a two-in-one tool that can fix materials together with both staples and brad nails and have 500 units of each of them. It is an ideal nail gun for outdoor use that allows an agile response for working in awkward spaces.

VonHaus cordless nail gun has adjustable tacker strength using a simple dial that allows you to match its working for different surfaces like walls, foils, woods, fabrics, etc. It has a staple and nail holding capacity of 100 pieces each with a firing capacity of 20 pieces per minute. It takes 90 minutes to charge and is compatible with different sizes of staples and brad nails.

The ergonomically designed VonHaus cordless nail gun with the specialized features of excellent compatibility with brad nails and staples, adjustable impact control, and the anti-jam mechanism is a sure shot answer to all of the fixing and fastening needs at your place.


  • It is ergonomically designed.
  • It has adjustable impact control.
  • It has an anti-jam mechanism.
  • Its dimensions are 12.0*10.2*5.3 inches.
  • The weight of the product is 7.88 pounds. 


  • It develops problems with persistent use.

Buyer’s Guide:

Let us have a look at the quick buyer’s guide before you buy the best cordless nail gun in the market for you.

  • The nail handling capacity of the cordless nail gun

The nail handling capacity of the cordless nail gun is the key feature in choosing the best nail gun out of all of the available options in the market. Most of the latest cordless nail guns have high nails per charge capacity. Some deliver 400 nails on a single charge while the other powerful nail guns have high nail capacity like 1300 nails per charge as well.

It is thus entirely dependent on your use. If you are looking for a cordless nail gun for your home, you can go for the 300-400 nails per charge capacity. However, if you are looking for a cordless nail gun for professional use, it is recommended to go for high nail capacity like 1300 nails per charge so that you can work without any breaks.

  • The battery power of the cordless nail gun

The next important feature in buying the cordless nail gun is the battery power. The cordless nail guns are dependent on the batteries for their working lifetime. Thus, you must go for the powerful cordless nail guns that are easy and quick to charge to their full capacity. 

Nobody wants to buy a nail gun that stops in between your work time. Thus, it is advised to buy the lithium battery-powered nail guns for your use. These batteries do not only have high working life but long shelf life as well. You can look for the combination of the batteries for your cordless nail gun for better output power as well.

  • The weight of the cordless nail gun

The cordless nail gun should be lightweight as you have to carry it for the whole time you have to strike the nails on different surfaces. It can be compromised for the occasional use but the weight of the cordless nail gun must not be ignored for the craftsmen and artisans who have to use it for 7-8 hours daily.

The latest cordless nail guns are durable and lightweight due to the high-end materials used in their manufacturing. They are made up of durable and easy to carry materials to facilitate the use of cordless nail guns at your place.

  • The design of the cordless nail gun

The cordless nail guns are essentially the power tools that need to be used by hand all of the time. Thus, the design of the cordless nail gun should be ergonomically compatible to meet the best comfort while using it for long hours. It should be easy to carry your cordless nail gain without putting a strain on your hands and arms.

Secondly, your cordless nail gun should be able to reach the far-flung spaces without any problems. You may be working at the attic of your home or the corner of any building. Cordless nail guns should never compromise their performance and functionality based on design.


  • Where can I buy the batteries for my cordless nail gun?

You do not need to buy the batteries for your cordless nail gun separately as most of the companies provide it along with the nail gun only.

Likewise, you can easily buy them from any of the stores.

  • Can I use different sized nails in my cordless nail gun?

Yes you can go for different sized nails in my cordless nail gun.

  • Do all of the cordless nail guns have LED lights?

All of the latest cordless nail guns are equipped with LED lights for faster and accurate results.

  • How can I adjust the depth of the cordless nail guns?

You can easily adjust the depth of the cordless nail guns with the adjustment switch.


The best cordless nail gun is a must-to-have in your toolset. You do not need to be an engineer to use the cordless nail drill. All you need to do is charge your cordless drill gun and it is ready to use for the entire day. These nail guns work best for the striking of multiple-sized nails on different surfaces with the least difficulty.

The noiseless operations of the best cordless nail guns along with handy and reliable designs are a must for professional persons. The additional features of depth adjustment, LED working lights are hard to resist. Grab a one for you today and ease your life with the power and functionality of the best cordless nail guns.

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