The 5 Best Pocket Square Holder (Review)

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Are you still struggling with the messy pocket squares while trying to look a perfect gentleman at a party? It is usually said that a man’s wardrobe is quite smaller than a woman’s. Trusting the fact, there is an immediate need for the accurate and efficient functioning of all of the man’s wardrobe products. From suits to shoes, ties to belts, handkerchiefs to socks, men already struggle with the limited color options. Have you ever noticed that you get limited colors in men’s collection? If yes, then it is time to realize the importance and functionality of each single wardrobe product of a gentleman. 

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Let us focus on one of the most stylish and important parts of men’s clothing called a pocket square. It is a simple and stylish rectangular piece of cloth that fits into the breast pocket. The main purpose of the pocket square is to enhance the visual appeal of the coat. Most of the suiting brands make matching pocket squares to meet the style demands of the user. Your handkerchief may look like a pocket square but it is way different than a one due to the different functionality of the two of them. The most important difference is that a handkerchief is a functional accessory while a pocket square is a fashion accessory.

You may not afford to miss a pocket square whether it is an official meet or a party. What you need along with a pocket square is a pocket square holder that keeps your fashionable accessory at the place all of the time. Thus, you don’t need to struggle to keep your pocket square in place and can concentrate on enjoying the event. The secret behind the working of a pocket square holder is its holding power without interfering with your style. Thus, today we bring to you our take on the best pocket square holders available in the market.

Best Pocket Square Holder 

We thus bring to you the best pocket square holders that are durable and highly functional as well. Have a look at our 5 best picks for your use:

1. Squared Away: Pocket Square Holder 

Squared Away Pocket Square Holder

Squared Away is a must for every fashionable man. It is a pocket square holder’s manufacturer that delivers the high-end pocket square holders that are made up of high-quality materials eliminating the cheap plastics. They have a strong magnetic closure and a long-lasting slim design. There is no fuss of the Velcro and you get a thinner width in the pocket square holder that treats your pocket square just well. The 6.5cm *11cm pocket square holder fits in almost all of the standard pocket sizes.

The innovative design of the Squared Away pocket square holder keeps your pocket square in its perfect shape by keeping its folds. You thus don’t need to get frustrated due to the falling pocket square or the bulkiness of the pocket square. Working as the best accessory for your style statement, it is a luxury product with smooth edges and clasps so that it doesn’t snag out of your pocket. It opens fully at the top so that you can easily slide your pocket square inside it. The magnetic closures of the Squared Away pocket square holder hold and lock it in place that prevents the unwanted folding or falling off your pocket square. 

Squared Away pocket square holder is the perfect gift for fashionable men. You can choose from any of the sleeve colors of the holders from the white, red, white check, and blue plaid according to your requirements. You can go for the pre-folded pocket squares by Squared Away that are best compatible with their pocket square holders to avoid the size matching.


  • It has a magnetic closure.
  • The innovative design keeps the pocket square in place.
  • It has smooth edges and clasps.
  • Its dimensions are 6.4*3.9*0.9 inches.
  • The weight of the package of the product is 3.21 ounces. 


  • Its shape is quite visible through the pockets.

2. Best Pocket Square Holder 

Best Pocket Square Holder

If you are looking for a lightweight and durable pocket square holder, the Best Pocket Square Holder is the best option for you. It is specifically designed to hold any of the fashionable pocket squares in place. You can rely on the handkerchief fold handling capacity of the Best Pocket Square Holder irrespective of the type of dress you are wearing. It works well with a tuxedo, vest for work or one-time occasion, suit, and sports coat. 

You can start your fashion journey by maintaining a professional, trendy, formal, or classic look by varying this pocket square holder with you. It is an essential wardrobe item for every man who wants to dress in the simplest and classy way. Best Pocket Square Holder helps you to maintain your style easily. It is indeed easy to use you’re Best Pocket Square Holder.

It is easy to use your Best Pocket Square Holder. Select the best matching pocket square for the event. You can style your pocket with any custom fold or the traditional fold. You then have to secure your pocket square in the Best Pocket Square holder by squeezing the holder to open and inserting the styles pocket square in it. Then simply insert the Best Pocket Square Holder into your pocket. That is it to achieve the best fashion at the least cost and hard work.


  • It is an industrial felt pocket square holder.
  • It is made in the USA.
  • It is a lightweight and durable product.
  • Its dimensions are 5*5*0.7 inches.
  • The weight of the product is 0.8 ounces.


  • It has sharp hinges.

3. Kingsquare Pocket Square Holder 

Kingsquare Pocket Square Holder

The Pocket Square Holder by Kingsquare is a unique accessory that holds a pocket square securely for a convenient experience to you. It fits properly into the standard pocket sizes. The material of the Kingsquare Pocket Square holder is soft and highly flexible. It is made up of an adjustable and sturdy fabric that works well with your formal suits and casual blazers. It is available in plushy grey and classy black color options so that you can add a perfect glam to your suits. It has expandable sleeves so that the pocket square can easily slide into the Kingsquare Pocket Square holder. 

The squeeze function of the sleeves holds the pocket square tightly so that it remains intact and does not fall out. The high-quality material of the Kingsquare Pocket Square holder along with the best design makes sure that it does not interfere with your suit. It has rounded edges and a soft texture so that it does not rip the pockets of your suits. It is free from the scratches and is ideal for any sort of handkerchiefs and pocket squares.

Kingsquare Pocket Square holder ensures that you don’t end up in misplacing your favorite pocket square. It makes sure that your pocket square stays in its place so that you can get a classic and stylish look in a simply and elegantly. It can be used for long hours and is a highly durable product.


  • It is a modish accessory.
  • It is made up of adjustable and sturdy fabric.
  • Its sleeves fit perfectly in the narrow pockets.
  • Its dimensions are 4.5*3.25*0.1 inches.
  • The weight of the product is 0.63 ounces.


  • It is bulkier for some pockets.

4. ONLVAN Pocket Square Holder 

ONLVAN Pocket Square Holder

The pocket square holder by ONLVAN is made up of high-quality leather and has springs at each end to maintain the pocket square or handkerchief in exact folds and thus maintain their style factor. It fits well in all of the standard pockets without causing any size problems.

The springs in the ONLVAN pocket square holder allows the sides to open up to 2.5 inches by simply squeezing them. You can thus insert the pre-folded handkerchief or pocket square into this pocket square holder without putting external pressure or damaging its style. The reverse spring action ensures that the sleeves close tightly to keep its content intact and firm.

If you are fed up with adjusting your pocket square and worry about its slipping or falling, then the ONLVAN pocket square holder is an ideal product for you. Looking at its super functionality, you can gift an ONLVAN pocket square holder to any gentleman like your friend, boyfriend, husband, father, boss, and to anyone fond of wearing a pocket square.


  • It is made up of premium PU leather.
  • It has expandable top sleeves up to 2.5 inches.
  • It is a formal attire accessory. 
  • Its package dimensions are 4.5*4.5*0.2 inches.
  • The weight of the product is 0.81 ounces.


  • Its design doesn’t fit some pockets.

5. Jeatonge Pocket Square Holder

Jeatonge Pocket Square Holder

Your search for a lightweight, thin, and durable pocket square holders ends with Jeatonge Pocket Square Holder. It comes in an economy pack of 5 pocket square holders so that you can add these little useful accessories in your wardrobe. It is specially designed to fit all types of standard size breast pockets. 

Jeatonge Pocket Square Holder is unnoticeable and deals with the problems of falling or unmanageable pocket squares efficiently. It keeps your best pocket square at its place so that you can freely enjoy your day without worrying about your dress. All you need to do is to weave your favorite pocket square into Jeatonge Pocket Square Holder and place it in your breast pocket.

The simple use of Jeatonge Pocket Square Holder is credited to the good balance of the right material, stylish and unnoticeable design, affordable price, and the thickness that is enough to maintain the sturdiness but light to create any bulge in your pocket.


  • It is compatible with different looks.
  • It is a thin and lightweight pocket square holder.
  • It is an unnoticeable pocket square holder.
  • Its package dimensions are 7.32*4.29*0.24 inches.
  • The weight of the package of the product is 0.6 ounces.


  • Its openings are tight.

Buyer’s Guide:

Let us have a look at the quick buyer’s guide before you buy the best pocket square holder in the market for you.

  • The material of the pocket square holder

The material of the pocket square holder should be flexible and sturdy. It should be strong enough to hold the handkerchief in place. You may be using your pocket square holder for any type of the handkerchief designs, thus the dependency on the pocket square holder increases to maintain the particular style of the pocket square.

  • The visibility of the pocket square holder

The basic function of any pocket square holder is to keep the pocket square in place. The most amazing part about the pocket square holder is its visibility. It stays in the pocket and is not visible to anyone. It thus works secretly to secure your favorite pocket square in place while you are at some official meeting or in an unofficial function. Thus, the visibility of the best pocket square holder should the least. It should provide backend support to your pocket square.

  • The size of the pocket square holder

Your pocket square holder rests in the breast pocket of your favorite coat. Thus, the size specifications of the pocket square holder are an important factor to consider while planning to buy a one for you. You don’t want to buy a pocket square holder that does not fit into your pocket or oozes out of it. The best pocket square holders are made considering the average size of the pocket so that you don’t need to figure out the size calculations. It should not rub against the edges of your pocket and should not be visible at all. Thus, the optimum size of the pocket square holder is not an important point but is a must for a smooth and stylish look.

  • The design of the pocket square holder

The pocket square holders are available in different designs depending on your choice. You can go for magnetic closure or Velcro closure pocket square holders. The magnetic closure pocket square holders are more durable than the Velcro counterparts. Secondly, the design of the sleeves of the pocket square holder should be compatible with both the pocket and the handkerchief. It should not interfere with your style statement and should keep the handkerchief intact and in position.


  • Can I use different types of handkerchief designs with my pocket square holder?

Yes, you can use any types of handkerchief designs like traditional or flat folded with your pocket square holder.

  • Does the pocket square holder work with any type of pockets?

Yes, all of the latest pocket square holders fit the standard size of the pockets.

It is easy to charge the grease gun with the charger provided along with the product.

  • How to clean my pocket square holder?

It is easy to clean your pocket square holder using a clean cloth. 

  • What is the best material for the pocket square holder?

You can go for any of the durable and flexible materials while choosing the best pocket square holder for you.


A pocket square holder is a sure shot solution for your unmanageable pocket square. You can enjoy your party while it takes care of the visual enhancement of your dressing so that you look like an actual gentleman. These are the compact, unnoticeable pieces of accessory that work efficiently to keep your pocket square in place so that it does not interfere in your perfect event.

Buying a pocket square holder for you is lots easier with our list of the top 5 products. You need to buy a durable, highly-functional, and most importantly affordable pocket square holder for your daily use. Grab a one for you today and enjoy the freedom of dancing, discussing, and enjoying while keeping your dressing sense a much-desired wardrobe among your friends and colleagues.

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