The 5 Best Trench Lighters in the Market (Review)

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We are in the constant evolution process. You may not be realizing but everything around us is undergoing a change process that aims to improve the existing version. Thus, we get a lot of options in the market out of the basic products. You can go for the latest versions of the basic products that go a step ahead in delivering high-quality results. The affordability stays unhampered with the evolution and versatility of these innovative devices. Out of all of the necessary items for daily use, lighters are an important device that helps you in multitasking and high-performance essentials.

Best Trench Lighters

Lighters are affordable devices that are used to generate a flame. It necessary consists of a plastic or metal container that is filled with compressed gas or flammable liquid that is used as a fuel for ignition. Do you know that invention of the lighter was done in the year 1823? Yes, it was long years before this fire with a flick of the fingers was invented. You can use a lighter at your place, for camping purposes, as a safety device as well. Not all smokers carry lighters. Some carry it as an instant device for help at a job while others carry it as a useful tool that can be used at some point.

Out of all of the lighters available in the market? The trench lighters are the best devices that are highly functional and affordable as well. Trench lighter has received its name from the world trench that means a form of excavation in the ground that is deeper than its breadth. These lighters were invented to match the needs of the soldiers hidden in the trenches. Trenches serve an ideal safety purpose for the military forces. Thus, staying inside the trench without going outside, these trench lighters are made up of the spent bullets only or can be abbreviated as cartridge case lighter. So today we bring to you our collection of the best trench lighters in the market.

Best Trench Lighters

If you are looking for buying the best trench lighters, we here bring the collection of exquisite devices for your place that fits well in your budget as well. Have a look:

1. Laicengo Vintage Trench Lighter

Laicengo Vintage Trench Lighter

Laicengo presents a creative one-button switch trench lighter. It eliminates the use of the traditional grinding wheel ignition method. When you press the button of the Laicengovintage trench lighter lightly, the cover ejects and it automatically ignites. Thus, you get an increased ignition rate without worrying about burning your hand. It is made up of sturdy and durable Zinc alloy material. It has a cotton core that has a long service life and high combustibility. It is provided with a wick cover to prevent fuel evaporation.

Laicengovintage trench lighter is a great gift for boyfriend, father, and family friends on any of the occasions like business anniversaries, father’s day, thanksgiving, Christmas, valentine’s day, wedding, and any other anniversaries. It is portable and easy to use trench lighter. It is a great partner for lighting up everything as this retro pipe lighter is nice for carrying in your wallet or pocket as well. It has a simple look with a highly functional design.

If you are looking for a simple and classic trench lighter, the Laicengovintage trench lighter is the best solution for you. You can easily replace its flint by removing the screw that showcases the spring and flint of the trench lighter. All you need to do is to remove the old flint and add the new flint. It is easy to trim the wick of this trench lighter. It is a good trench lighter for camping needs owing to its one-button technology.


  • It has a creative one-button switch.
  • It is made up of sturdy and durable Zinc alloy.
  • It is portable and easy to carry.
  • It doesn’t hurt your hand.
  • The dimensions of its package are 3.5*3.5*0.8 inches.
  • Its package weighs 2.4 Ounces.


  • It is difficult to replace the flint.

2. Wheel Kerosene Lighter, Trench Lighter by DEWEL

Wheel Kerosene Lighter Trench Lighter by DEWEL

DEWEL trench lighter is available in brass and silver color options. It is made up of copper and is lightweight. It has a wind guard that is adjustable and doesn’t hamper the portability of the lighter. Thus, when you are outdoors and facing high winds, this trench lighter can slide up or down and hence does a good job in the breeze as well. It is one of the best windproof trench lighters available in the market.

DEWEL trench lighter is fueled by kerosene and is highly portable. Thus you can easily carry it in your coin pocket or wallet. It doesn’t add weight to your camping luggage. It is easy to fill and has an adjustable windscreen. It comes in a drawstring bag inside a wooden box. It also comes with three flints and three replacement O-rings and with a flint wheel cleaning tool.

It can hold fuel for many days and has an oil filler at the bottom that doesn’t leak and can be opened with a coin. The consistent and positive spark of the DEWEL trench lighter is credited to the spring. The wick cover further protects the wick and helps to prevent fuel evaporation. It is an ideal gift for your boyfriend, father, family friends, etc. on any festivals or special occasions.


  • It has an adjustable wind guard.
  • It is portable and compact.
  • It can hold fuel for many days.
  • It is spring-loaded to get a consistent spark.
  • Its dimensions are 2.25*0.7 inches.
  • It weighs 0.26 pounds.


  • The spring holding the lid breaks easily.
  • It sometimes singes your fingers.

3. Handmade WWI WWII German Vintage Brass/Copper Trench lighter

Handmade WWI WWII German Vintage Brass/Copper Trench lighter

Handmade WWI WWII German Vintage Brass/Copper Trench lighter is modeled after the first trench lighters that were the military innovation originally crafted from a used bullet casing and pieces of metal in the early 1990s. Its shell and body are made up of solid brass. The linkage rod is made up of stainless steel. You get a canister along with this trench lighter that helps you to carry extra fuel in case you are heading for a long vacation.

You will be thrown off by the design of the Handmade WWI WWII German Vintage Brass/Copper Trench lighter. It has a shiny and bright finish and fluid movement is just precise. The cool design and actual action of the opening are smooth which gives you satisfaction while using it. Thus, it is a great trench lighter to be used as an everyday lighter and as a conversation piece on any desk and shelf. The canister of this highly portable trench lighter ensures that you can carry up to 15 ml of extra fuel.

You can use Handmade WWI WWII German Vintage Brass/Copper Trench lighter while the wind is whipping just like its operations in an actual trench. The keyring loop secures the lighter fluid that is present at the backend of the lighter and is attached to a screw cap. The high-quality copper and 316L stainless steel make it an ideal choice in your search for the best trench lighter for you.


  • It is made up of solid brass.
  • It has a canister to carry extra fuel.
  • It is a great everyday lighter.
  • It is compatible with standard type lighter fluid and flints.
  • The dimensions of its package are 5.59*4.41*1.26 inches.
  • It weighs 4.16 Ounces.


  • The o-rings of the lighter create problems.
  • It is quite smaller.

4. Youfeel High-Grade Copper Trench Lighter

Youfeel High-Grade Copper Trench Lighter

Youfeel High-Grade Copper Trench Lighter is made up of copper metal and has motorcycle color. It uses kerosene as fuel and doesn’t cause a problem while you are using it on a windy day. It is a nice lighter and very comfortable to use on a regular and prolonged basis. It is a compact lighter for starting campfires and Barbeques as well.

It provides a much smoother stroke of the friction plate and doesn’t create flaming flint pieces that fly out of the unit. It can be termed as a novelty item for your use. It is a well-made trench lighter and is a highly recommended product for the pipe smokers.

It is easy to fill the adjustable windscreen that makes your trench lighter as windproof. It is a lightweight product that doesn’t cause pressure on your pocket but weighs enough so that you can feel it in your pocket. It is a fantastic trench lighter that is a perfect blend between the vintage trench lighter and modern technology that works well to give you the best flame.


  • It is made up of copper metal.
  • It is available in different colors.
  • It is comfortable to use.
  • It is ideal for campfires and Barbeque.
  • Its dimensions are 2.5*1.3 inches.
  • It weighs 110g.


  • It starts creating problems with a couple of uses.

5. Morisk Vintage Trench Lighter

Morisk Vintage Trench Lighter

Morisk Vintage Trench Lighter is made up of solid metal, a cool polishing surface process, and a pure copper body that is robust and smooth to touch using an exquisite workmanship process. It has a pen appearance design to push the pen cap feature. It has a unique design of three sides of flame outlet that ignites with each ignition.

It comes packed in an exquisite and elegant gift box that makes it an ideal gift for your family members and friends for any of the occasions like birthdays, father’s day, Christmas, business anniversaries, wedding, anniversary, thanksgiving, etc.

Morisk Vintage Trench Lighter has an anti-leakage rubber O-ring that effectively inhibits leak and evaporation of fluid. It is easy to refill the fuel tank by simply rotating the tank cover on the bottom and refilling the fuel.


  • It has a pen appearance design.
  • It is made up of solid metal and has a pure copper body.
  • It is made using a cool polishing surface process.
  • It has an anti-leakage rubber O-ring.
  • The dimensions of its package are 5*2.6*1.3 inches.
  • It weighs 4.8 Ounces.


  • Its flint creates issues.
  • It is hard to light.


  • How does a trench lighter work?

The trench lighter works by using the fuel that is used in the ignition.

  •  How can you ignite the flame using a trench lighter?

The trench lighter has a button that is used to ignite the flame.

  • What is the weight of the trench lighter?  

All of the trench lighters are lightweight and hence highly portable.

  • How to refuel a trench lighter?

You can easily replace the fuel chamber in the trench lighter.

Buyer’s Guide:

Still, confused about choosing the best trench lighters? Let us help you with the basic buyer’s guide in choosing the best for you. Here are certain points to understand before you start your search for an ideal trench lighter for your place.

  • The style of a trench lighter

The trench lighters are available in classic designs. In case you are looking for a retro-styled device for your daily needs, you can go for the trench lighters that are made up of the used bullets, and the designed is made by the soldiers themselves. It gives you a known name in your group or family with classic devices. Thus you can go for any of the styles and colors of the trench lighters according to your requirements.

  • The material of a trench lighter

The best trench lighters are made up of the hard steel or any other alloys. It gives a robust feature to the lighter without worrying about the durability of the device. You can place it in your pocket and your bag without worrying about the scratches and damages to your trench lighter. Most of the trench lighters are made up of copper, zinc alloy, solid brass, etc. using the exquisite workmanship process.

  • The durability of a trench lighter

The best trench lighters are highly durable as they are made up of the best quality materials. There is no need to buy a second trench lighter when you have a one in your place. All you need to do is to refill its fuel tank that depends upon the frequency of its use. These are the long-lasting devices that last for a lifetime.

  • The accessories of a trench lighter

The best trench lighters are provided with the compatible accessories. You are provided with a case to keep your trench lighter when not in use. Most of the trench lighters cones with one or two fuel tanks as well so that you can simply replace it according to your use. Some come with the keyrings that make it easy to carry your trench lighter.


The best trench lighters serve the best purpose in helping you to get a perfect flame every time. You don’t need to look for a matchbox or chemical releasing ignition devices when you can use a trench lighter that is made up of high-quality materials and has a classic design. All you have to worry is about the appreciation that you will be receiving while people will see this amazing product in your hands.

All of the latest trench lighters are made using the latest technology that gives durability to the product. You can use it in your survival kit, camping kit, and for daily use as well. These are available at affordable rates and thus you don’t need to spend hundreds of your hard-earned dollars to buy a stylish trench lighter for you. Grab a one for you today or you can gift a one to your husband, brother, father, etc.

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